Great Tasting Treats with the benefit of protein

delicious protein products

Protein Rocky Road Bars

Classic or White Chocolate

Protein Cookie

Milk Chocolate Chip

Protein Bars

Millionaire Bars

Why Choose us

Everyday Snacks with EXTRA Protein

Great Taste

Delicious tasting products packed with intense flavour and smooth textures

Quality & Tradition

Almost 30 years of knowledge from our dedicated NPD team goes into every case of Punk’d Protein products

Vegetarian Friendly

Our delicious flapjacks, cookies and millionaire bars are suitable for vegetarians 

Chocolate Protein Rocky Road

Added Protein

Manufactured with added protein without comprimising texture or taste. Ideal for everyday snacks

Baked with Love

Our bars are handmade and baked to perfection by our skilled and experienced team  in our UK factory.

Value for Money

Each case contains 12 of our delicious protein products. Enough to see you through the week.

our Protein Products

Choose & Enjoy

classic rocky road

Classic Chocolate Protein Rocky Road


Chocolate coated soya crisp with raisins, cherries and chewy marshmallow

White Chocolate Protein Rocky Road


White chocolate coated soya crisp with cherries and chewy marshmallow

delicious protein cookie

Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie


A protein cookie filled with milk chocolate chips

Chocolate Protein Flapjack Bars

Protein Flapjack


Chocolate protein flapjack with dark and white chocolate flavour topping

peanut butter protein flapjack

Peanut Butter Protein Flapjack


Protein flapjack with peanut butter and decorated with nibbled peanuts

millionaires protein bar

Protein Bar


Protein biscuit base with a layer of caramel and chocolate flavour topping


Our Customer Reviews

Santaxy Wellness
1 Review

Picked up this Punk'd Protein Millionaires Protein Bar from B & M a while ago. Hands down the best protein bar I've ever tried

2 Reviews
I love that they don’t have that usual protein after taste & they’re full of flavour!! my absolute go to snacks when I have a sweet craving 🤤
Julian Wilkinson
1 Review
The chocolate chip cookie was delicious, tasted good without the unusual texture you can get from protein products.

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Accredited IFS

We are proud to be a higher accredited IFS supplier. We’ve worked hard over the years to meet the highest possible standards so that you have confidence that our manufacturing processes are safe and certified.


We’ve been creating delicious cakes, cookies, flapjacks and muffins for nearly thirty years. With each of our bars handmade by a skilled and experienced team at our UK factory.


Perfectly formulated by highly skilled and experienced food development specialists, our protein products are developed to be the ideal accompaniments to a nutritionally balanced active lifestyle.

Latest News

Gail Stanford

Why a Punk’d Protein Bar?

Snacking bars, with 12 grams of protein such as Punkd Protein, offer several benefits, making them a popular choice for those looking to incorporate more protein

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